Competition entry for the Romanian Pavilion in the Venice Bienale 2016

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The project addresses one frontline of the environmental sustainability of a city such as Bucharest: using the fabulous latent energy of the nature overlapped by the urban presence. In biological terms, the process in which nature evolves by its own is called secondary succession. A third succession happens when society is enriched by adapting its needs and esthetics to the natural course of events, instead of fighting against it.

The Giardini Romanian Pavilion presents a fragment of such an abandoned urban plot in the center of Bucharest, where the secondary succession has engendered a seducing landscape as an outcome of the secondary succession. The New Gallery exhibits study cases of the third succession.

Irina Melita, Stefan Simion (POSTER) / Iulia Circei / Matei Bacanu / Diana and Mihai Culescu (RPR) / communication strategy by RIZIĀ  design studio

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